Sun Tech Days 2008 in Tokyo


【 Sun Tech Days 2008 in Tokyo 】

[10:00-12:00] 1-G-1 Sun Keynote  Sun Keynote2
[13:00-13:50] 1-S-1 What is OpenSolaris and Why Should I Care?
[14:00-14:50] 1-S-2 Moving to OpenSolaris
[15:10-16:00] 1-S-3 Thriving on OpenSolaris
[16:10-17:00] 1-S-4 Building C/C++/Fortran Applications
[17:20-18:10] 1-S-5 Maximizing Application Performance
[18:10-19:10] 1-S-6 Porting Open Source Packages to OpenSolaris
[10:00-12:10] 2-G-1 Sun Keynote  Sun Keynote2
[13:10-14:00] 2-S-1 Developing Parallel Applications
[14:10-14:40] 2-S-2 Lightning Talks
[15:00-15:50] 2-S-3 Intel Technical Session
[16:00-16:50] 2-S-4 High Availability and Business Continuity
[17:10-18:00] 2-S-5 Virtualization from the Desktop to the Enterprise
[18:10-19:00] 2-S-6 Developing and Deploying Securely