AWS Management Console

AWS 用の管理画面が提供されました。今までは API で地味に管理しておりましたが、

今のところ EC2 / EBS しか使えませんが、今後は S3 / SDB / SQS などに対応する予定みたいです。


  • Tagging - Label and group Amazon EC2 resources with your own custom metadata to make it easier to identify and manage your instances, volumes, and other EC2 resources.
  • Monitoring, Load Balancing and Auto-scaling - View real-time monitoring of operational metrics within Amazon EC2, configure load balancing and auto-scaling rules through a web-based UI.
  • Amazon S3 Support - Create and delete Amazon S3 buckets, upload and download objects through your browser, edit permissions, set log data, and manage URLs.
  • Amazon SimpleDB Support - Construct SimpleDB queries through a point-and-click query expression builder and explore your data through a graphical dataset viewer.
  • Amazon SQS Support - Manage your SQS queues, add and retrieve messages from you queues, test and build your applications with help from the AWS Management Console.
  • CloudFront Support - Setup and administer content delivery distributions on Amazon CloudFront using a simple web-based tool on the AWS Management Console.