次にリリースされる R15B02 に入るであろう eunit の最新版にいろいろ機能が入りました。

Include fixture setup and cleanup errors in Eunit Surefire report
documentation fixes
add {test,M,F} as a better variant of {M,F} and make the latter obsolete
minor cleanup
Write chars as UTF-8 to file
detect and report bad return values from generators and instantiators
eunit_tests should not be listed in
improved layout of error messages - stack trace before error term
bumped revision
make stack trace pruning know about the new format
Make EUnit print stacktraces with location information
Add option 'no_tty' to silent the default tty report

中でもいいなぁとおもったのが no_tty オプションですね。applicaton を終了した際にでるのが無くなりました。